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WebTo start trading Forex in Sri Lanka, you need to open an account on a trading platform that offers Forex CFDs. The options that we have detailed at the beginning are some of WebMost importantly, the Forex trading software can work with or without the presence of the Sri Lanka trader. This means that for the busy professionals and students, there is still Web68 rows · The common goal of forex trading is to profit from these changes in the value WebForex options (also known as currency trading options) are securities that allow currency traders to realize gains without having to place an actual trade in WebIf you do not have a job, but you have money with you, then you can invest and do forex trading, start a blog, start a youtube channel or any similar online earn money in Sri ... read more

Tip: Most of the time this works with strategy type games like Clash of Clans, Vikings, Clash Royale, Rise of Kingdoms, etc. Are you familiar with all major social media networks and marketing channels in them? Then this is for you.

You can check with companies directly and look for opportunities. Some times you can do this on a part-time basis or full-time basis at home as well. You can discuss with other online stores and acquire unique coupon codes for your website where you will get a commission for referred potential customers. Coupon ideas are suitable for someone with good marketing skills. Example of a popular coupon website is RetailMeNot.

You can start an online news website same way like doing a blog but with a bit of layout adjustment and build traffic using social media. Then you can either use an ad network refer blog writing section for more details or get advertisements from local companies. Same like a news website, you can start a gossip website and make revenue using various ad networks. You can start an online radio and stream it using social media. You can earn by promoting businesses and products quickly.

Tip: Make sure to build the right audience before looking for potential advertisements. Interact with your fans regularly to make a better fan base. You can start an online tv channel using various streaming software. It is way less expensive than running a normal tv channel. You can stream your tv channel using social media or your website.

Same like with radio, interaction with your visitors is essential to build a strong fan base. Then you can get earnings the same way as in an online radio channel.

Note: Make sure, if your geo zone requires any license to operate an online channel for both tv and radio. You can start an online shopping store using platforms like WordPress, Shopify or similar media and start selling online targeting Sri Lanka or any geo zone of your choice. It is better to get it created from an experienced web designer You can get it done for about Rs50, to Rs , from a good designer when building your shopping store.

You can use bank deposits, payhere Popular online payment gateway among small businesses in Sri Lanka or any bank gateway. Bank gateways may require you to have a registered limited liability company So you can use a payhere gateway as an alternative. You need only a sole proprietorship registration. You can use Paypal service as long as you can receive money to your Paypal account. Also, you can use ezcash, mcash as well as cash on delivery or cash on pickup latter if you have a physical location.

It is an easy thing. You can do any of the latest techniques below or a combination of all these methods. a Send the goods via EMS Post via your local post office this is cheaper, and some say delivery is also faster in most areas. b Send the goods via a local courier service company.

Pronto, PromptXP, Domex, Certis Lanka and Citipak are some popular courier companies. All these courier companies have both positive and negative reviews. So choose the best one in your area. If you are planning to send the goods overseas, you can use DHL, TNT or ups. c If you have a bike, trishaw or a vehicle with good fuel consumption, you can deliver around your area to reduce expenses as well long-distance once you can send via ems or courier. So no additional cost for customers as well.

You can create a platform for buyers and sellers. Aliexpress and eBay are some popular multi-vendor platforms globally, while Daraz is an example that operates locally.

Best would be to use a coded script from scratch using modern coding languages and techniques or use a multi-vendor ready-made script like CS-Cart. You can use any cms platform like WordPress or Joomla, but these platforms will not be the best for a multi-vendor store as they are not explicitly for such stores.

These eCommerce platforms are ideal to start your online store but not that suitable for a project like business to business platform. Mind you; this needs a lot of effort and adequate capital to invest in things like servers , unlike shopping stores or websites. The reason is web-based systems of this nature require loads of resources when traffic grows. You will need a high-end VPS or dedicated server for the multi-vendor store.

You can act as the middleman between sellers and buyers of brand new or used vehicles. You can become an online property broker in Sri Lanka If you are in a different country, check whether you need a license to become a property broker.

Some of the countries do not allow you to do it unless you have a permit to operate as a real-estate broker. What you can do is find properties for sale and property owners willing to offer you commission for a successful sale. Next thing to do is to post an advertisement. You can sell online using premium and free classified advertisements websites in Sri Lanka. lk, hitad. lk, lankapropertyweb. com, weladama. com, Sambole. lk etc. in Sri Lanka while you can use sites like gumtree in the UK and Australia.

Say for the last years? You can sell them using classified websites or social media online to make money. Then probably can buy something useful to you with that.

You can collect emails using legitimate ways and then sell them to companies looking for email databases. Why do companies need email databases? Any company that depends on customers from the general public will love to have contact details so that they can promote their product or service.

If you are residing in a country with strict data protection rules and regulations, please kindly check them before doing anything of this nature. Example; Europe. You can review apps and make revenue. First, contact some of the app developers, and you will be able to find such opportunities. Make sure you test the app properly; otherwise, it will harm your profile, if the app does not work as stated by you.

Some websites would like to have reviews on specific platforms. So you can grab this opportunity to make extra revenue. If you are very much addicted to games, this might help you to make some extra bucks at home. How can I find game testing opportunities? You can inquire from desktop or mobile smartphone game making companies, check game developers websites or social media pages. Contact famous app makers and look for any app testing tasks.

Same like games or apps testing. Check with website development companies for opportunities. You can buy and sell domains using Flippa or even use domain registrars using a parked page and adding your offer to that domain that you are going to sell. Say you buy a domain name for 12 dollars. Then you sell it for 30 dollars. You make 18 dollars as your profit margin.

Above is just a simple specimen for you. Below are some of the most expensive domain names ever sold on this planet! com — Million Dollars insurance. com — com - 30 Million Dollars insure. com — 16 Million Dollars com — 17 Million Dollars internet. com — 18 Million Dollars Various factors affect it. Shorter and common names are generally expensive even at registrars, For example, two-letter. lk domains cost Rs 25,, and three-letter domains cost Rs 10, In contrast, four-letter and above domains are only Rs to Also, the shorter names are straightforward to brand, market and remember, unlike longer website names.

So more concise formats are the once ideal for earning money by selling domains online. You can create a blog website, build quality traffic and then you can sell for a higher price. You can also create a customer-based business website A site that provides a service or sells products online , get loads of customers and then sell for someone interested in acquiring your business.

Also, you can buy potential websites, blogs or eCommerce websites and then sell it later on with profit. For example, some local online stores acquired by popular companies sold them later for reasonable offers. How to sell your website online? How to sell my website? You can sell your website on flippa same like domains. Also, you can sell it directly by yourself using advertising media.

Here are some of the famous and most prominent online website sales. So you can do it too! Build a good brand and sell it for a fair offer when the right time comes!

Also, you can act as a broker between a website owner and an exciting party in acquiring the website, which will give you some good money online. You can create apps and monetise with ad networks similar to a website. Also, you can add in-app-purchases to make further revenue. Example, To speed up a castle upgrade in a game app, you can offer speed boosts for a few extra dollars.

Most of the strategy type games are making millions using in-app purchases. One of the significant expenses with these games is the high cost of high-speed game servers to minimise games getting slower.

It will help if you purchase good servers to prevent lagging in games. Some possible app-related questions. How to sell a unique app idea to Apple, Google, Facebook or any Company? You can contact these popular companies or any other company. If these organisations are interested in your concept, they may purchase it from you or invest for your app as well.

Come up with something unique and useful for the society that can help the company to profit or gain the upper hand over its competitors as well. For example, Instagram was not making revenue when Facebook bought it in , but they acquired it to have the upper hand over its competitors. If you have years of experience and knowledge in a particular field related to business and management, you can provide professional guidance and advice.

For whom to offer my services? To individuals and companies that need it online as a consultant in Sri Lanka. You can even set up your own business or management consulting firms in Sri Lanka and offer consultancy services in Sri Lanka. Consultancy is ideal for someone with years of experience at top management in any established private company or government organisation.

It depends on the firm and your degree of expertise. So feel free to contact local and overseas consultancy firms via their websites for consultancy opportunities. If you are good at writing a book related to any field, this is for you. Write it and then sell your hard copy online using your website, social media, Amazon,eBay and classified websites. You can deliver it using courier services or government postal service.

You can write a magazine similar to making a book. Then sell online. Rather than printing books and delivering, you can make soft copies. Then sell the soft copies, same like selling a hard copy online.

You can offer an instant download facility as well. So the client will be able to get access to the book instantly as well.

Same like an ebook, you can make an eMagazine with a monthly subscription or per copy basis payment method. Promote same way like ebooks. Same like a business consultant, you can become an IT consultant online. Generally, you can offer services in various categories under IT example; Database. Many people struggle when it comes to marketing, so if you are good at marketing.

Online marketing is for you. Teaching marketing to someone is not that hard as long as you know the subject very well but getting him genuine leads and sales is fantastic, right? If you are good at lead generating and them converting most of them to sales. Then you can offer this service online on a part-time or full-time basis. Remote jobs are one of the hardest things to find because of the high competition but give it a try.

Here are some job sites that you can use to find potential remote jobs; Flexjobs , We Work Remotely , Solidgigs, remoteok. io, Remote. co , Virtual Locations,PowerToFly,Staff. com, Working Nomads, Jobspresso, Europeremotely , Jobscribe,wfh. io, Outsourcely, Indeed, Idealist, The Muse, Authentic Jobs and Landing. Jobs are some websites to get a remote job. Also, you can use local portals like topjobs.

lk, weladama. com, etc. to find job opportunities remote jobs will be scarce in local portals. Are you good at teaching languages such as English, Sinhala, Tamil, French, Korean or Japanese?

or subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Management, Accountancy, Economics, Religion, History or Geography?

Then you can join popular teaching portals or start providing online teaching via your website. You can use free classified portals and social media to get leads as well.

You can make and submit podcasts to popular podcasts website and earn revenue using ad system on those websites. Also, you can make revenue by creating podcasts for others. If you have some unique idea or something useful to society, you can make a project plan and then raise funds using popular crowdfunding platforms online. You can try popular crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Then once you have reached your crowdfunding goal, you can make money with your business.

If you are good at making a unique, tasty recipe, then you can sell the formula to food-related websites, YouTubers looking for new and unique food recipes. Are you a guy that makes unique documentaries or you are good at making them? Then you can sell them to online media channels or YouTubers. If you have done some unique and useful research, you will be able to sell it to various parties online. Selling foods is something that someone loves to cook can do Ideal for those who are at home, good at making tasty dishes!

a Identify what you can prepare main dishes, short-eats, sweet or food for events , the area you can cover and then start it small.

b Setup social media pages preferably Facebook and Twitter and include the products you are going to sell. Build an audience step by step and promote it. c You can deliver the foods to potential customers in the following ways quickly; Using your vehicle or using a trishaw guy. If you are around areas covered by uber eats app, you can join the uber eats, and they will deliver it for your customers customers that come through uber eats app d Once you get some customers, get a business registration and also upgrade your business by building a professional website you can get it done for about Rs20, - Rs50, from a web designer in Sri Lanka.

Please follow acceptable standards of food hygiene. Also, follow guidelines from PHI in your area. If you are in an overseas country, please follow the guidelines in your country as some nations have strict rules when it comes to food hygiene.

You can become an influencer on popular social media and build an active fan base. Companies will happily give you paid content to post as many companies both locally and internationally looking for ways to get leads.

b shorte. c shrinkme. e linksly. f Shortzon. Shorten the URL and start sharing Please read guidelines on each website. For Example, shrinkme and shortzon do not allow Facebook or WhatsApp traffic.

The process may not generate a significant amount. Still, you can make some money with URL shortener sites. Paypal and Payoneer are the primary payment methods. Also, some offer bank transfer, Skrill and WebMoney as well.

You can prepare and sell teaching materials on sites like teacherspayteachers. You can sell insurance packages online for both individuals and corporate businesses. If you are good at providing investment advice, then you can offer financial advice online for a premium fee. You can offer loans online using your web system or a combination of the manual-automated method. Already few companies in Sri Lanka offers quick loans in this way You may need a registration to in most geo zones.

You can offer spiritual teaching for those who are looking for one to one spiritual teaching. If you are good at online promotional activities, you can promote affiliate products like Clickbank Make sure to get Click Bank University access so that you will learn the process from A to Z. Make sure to follow all the instruction provided and strictly adhere to them.

Dating consultancy may sound a bit crazy, but to be honest, some individuals may need help when it comes to dating. So if you are good at it, this is for you. You can offer wedding consultancy online for those who are planning to have a wedding soon. You can use your website or use any third-party platform as well. Same like above, you can provide advice to newly married couples or couples that are having various kind of issues where they need advice from a professional.

You can write professional content in English for other websites to make a revenue as some sites are willing to pay for quality unique content. For Example, you can try Listverse. You can also try Write For IL , Fundsforwriters , Write for ALA , CopyBlogger and Medium. Make sure you do not abuse these websites; only submit your unique content.

You can provide language translation services which have a very high demand worldwide. You can make a dating platform and make earning using a subscription-based model. You can sell valuable antiques online using your website or classified platforms. Some ancient coins have high demand, So identify them, and you can sell on popular platforms like eBay. You can make a file-sharing website as long as you can afford to invest for high-end servers.

Then you can offer a premium package, subscription-based model or use third party advertisements to make an income. Some small startups will require ways to showcase their products using models. For Example, a small clothing store will need individuals to wear their products, and after that, they will use them for promotional work.

Clickworker is an online platform that provides tasks for individuals based on their qualifications and skills. It is free to signup, but you have to complete short assessments and get good results to be eligible for tasks. If you have travelled around many places or familiar with many locations locally or internationally , this is for you.

You can offer travel advice for those who are planning to go to a place that you have already visited or familiar. Also, you can teach them about local rules and regulations to follow, about accommodation facilities and activities to do around that place. For whom can I provide travel advice? You can mainly offer travel advice to busy individuals such as doctors, engineers and anyone with a busy life schedule. If you are good with analysing various data, you will have a good chance with most of the companies that are looking for data analysts to work on a freelance basis.

Companies use data analysis to identify the current situation of their business, expand their business or to make crucial decisions.

When it comes to agriculture, many Agri-sector individuals or organisations come across various issues or needs numerous technologies to operate. So if you are in the Agriculture sector, you can offer specific advice online. For Example, you can provide organic farming techniques to vegetable farmers or a solution to a pest infection. You can invest online using crowdfunding platforms and make a profit share.

You can make a bidding platform locally to buy and sell products. You can make a revenue as a middleman. You can help individuals to fill university admission applications and make a revenue, especially when students want to apply for foreign universities. You can offer validation of documents such as University degree certificates or any legal document online.

If you have an excellent 3D Printer, you can offer the services to companies that are looking for 3d printing service. To reduce inhouse cost in companies, they tend to outsource project management. If you are a professional project manager, then this where you can come in and fill the gap remotely. You can find remote project management work on most of the freelance platforms and job platforms.

Below section includes some of the professional types of jobs that you can do online to make revenue at home on a part-time or full-time basis but requires a license or a registration. If you are a registered and a licensed doctor in Sri Lanka, you can provide consultancy services by joining popular healthcare-related portals or offer it via your website.

Also, you can do online doctor booking service in Sri Lanka using your website as well. If you are residing in a different geo zone, you may follow the procedures as per that countries healthcare system. You can provide one to one consultancy services that do not require physical attention.

Example: If a person says he is suffering from stress, you will be able to provide him with a solution. Suppose you are a registered lawyer and has a license to practice, Then you may offer legal services online to individuals. Example: Advice an individual regarding a motor traffic violation or personal dispute.

Suppose you are a registered lawyer and has a license to practice, Then you may offer legal services online.

Example; you can provide consultation for a firm that has a brand dispute or problem with an employee. Suppose you are a professional accountant, you can offer accountancy related services like preparing balance sheets, profit and loss accounts etc.

Suppose you are a registered accountant and an auditor, you can offer auditing related services. Suppose you are a professional and licensed architect, you can offer architectural engineering services online to individuals or companies. Are you are a veterinary doctor? Then you can offer some veterinary services like meal advice that will be needed by pet owners. You will have to work using the skills that you possess or invest to earn money online unless you win a lottery ticket, prize or get money from your parents.

You need to put some reasonable effort, guys! It is possible to do online money-making in Sri Lanka without a significant investment. You can do things like freelance work like content writing, translation work, graphic design. Also, you can participate in free forex trading tournaments without any investment to make money online at home in Sri Lanka or anywhere. If you do not have a job, but you have money with you , then you can invest and do forex trading, start a blog, start a youtube channel or any similar online earn money in Sri Lanka.

If you do not have a job and if you do not have money as well , then you can try most of the free methods like free forex trading tournaments, become an online tutor or join freelance websites. Also, you can apply for companies that offer part-time online money earning jobs in Sri Lanka. You can earn money with some online websites without investment online. Below example is a make money online opportunity without investment for students at home. Example: Create an account in the Freelancer website or Upwork website, and you can offer services such as graphic design or software development.

You can find online job vacancies using some of the methods below. You can even do things like blog writing or even become a Youtuber, but those may take considerable time. Still, with above three things especially Forex Trading , you can make revenue faster, as long as you apply correct techniques e. money management in Forex and gain the necessary skills e.

Logo design skills. You can make money from the internet using popular trading apps. You can try the following websites and use their mobile app to trade and earn revenue while at home.

earn-money app download method: You can first register with any company in the above link and then download the app to your device, smartphone or tab. Also, you can register and use Shutterstock contributor app to upload images to make extra income while at home make sure the photos are high quality and of high resolution.

So I have highlighted most of the possible ways that you can use online to make revenue at home or while even working at office of course, during free time! otherwise you will be at risk of losing your employment! To write the above earn money article took almost about a week. So I hope the information on the page is useful to you. In case you have more ideas like above or have any questions related to earning money online, feel free to comment below or drop an email using the contact page.

Prathilaba September 30th, Posted In: blog. Here is the list of good reliable forex brokers that you can use for trading in Sri Lanka.

List includes reliable lowest deposit forex brokers and forex brokers that offers forex trading bonus for traders as well. You can register free with any of these brokers, practice using a demo account and then trade using a live real money account at any time.

A licensed Australia based licensed Forex broker. One of the best brokers in the world for forex trading that offers trading platforms for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Web Browser as well. Supports Skrill and Neteller. Also Supports Paypal too for deposits and withdrawals. Make sure you have a Paypal account that can receive payments too. Also if you are in Australia, bank transfer can be done. If you are in Thailand or Vietnam, you can use internet banking facility as well.

RISK WARNING: YOUR CAPITAL MIGHT BE AT RISK. A UK based licensed forex broker and has an office in Seychelles too. Supports Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Also has a browser based Web Trader system. Uses a standard MT4 Trading Platform. DERIV a Forex broker founded in in UK. A popular licensed broker like ICMarket. They offer trading platforms for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Recently rebranded as Deriv formerly known as Binary. Supports Japan based traders too unlike other forex brokers.

So Deriv is one of the best forex brokers that supports crypto deposits and withdrawal! They offer a modern trading platform for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. Also has a web browser based application. One of the best trading platforms as it is easier to use compared to other platforms. You will get addicted for sure! Supports Skrill, Neteller and many more deposit and withdrawal options.

A Beliz based licensed Forex Broker. A company that offers loads of free bonuses One of the lowest deposit forex brokers that offers forex bonus as well!

MT4 and MT5 Trading platforms are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web browser. Also they have introduced a modern trading platform called 'FBS Trader' for both ios and android users.

It is a very user friendly trading platform. Supports Skrill, Neteller,Sticpay and many more methods. Are you looking for Reliable Forex Signals? Then Check our Premium Forex Signals Review Article. Prathilaba January 7th, Tags: deriv , deriv forex broker , deriv japan , FBS Broker Review , fbs forex broker , fbs forex broker in sinhala , FBS Forex Broker Review , fbs.

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com , regulated forex brokers , Tickmil Forex Broker Review , TickMill , tickmill forex broker in sinhala , tickmill tutorial , Who are the top forex brokers to trade Forex. If you want to do forex trading in Sri Lanka , you would need to understand that economic indicators can have a huge impact on the currency market.

Economic indicators show the strength and potential of an economy of a country. Forex traders take interest in these indicators as these indicators help in comprehending the direction forex market might take in future.

A crucial news release related to economies around the world can lead to volatile situations in the forex market and force a specific pair of currency to move in a particular direction.

It can be upward, downward, or sideways. News pertaining to the economic indicators can have a huge impact on the Forex exchange. Given below are the main economic indicator news categories that you should know before entering into forex market:.

Every month, several central banks around the world from different economies gather to decide about their interest rates. They decide whether to let the interest rates remain unchanged or raise the rates, or bring down the rates.

These interest rates are very important and make a vast impact on the foreign exchange market. When there is an increase in the interest rate, the market usually takes a bullish trend and that means there will be an increase in the value of the currency. On the other hand, when the interest rate is brought down to a lower level, the forex market is expected to take the bearish trend, which means that there will be a decrease in the value of currency price. For unchanged interest rate, the market can take any direction based on the circumstances of the concerned economy at that time.

Along with the change in interest rate, the policy statement is also released providing with the complete sum-up of the economy and what could be the future of the economy. In addition, the monetary policy of the economies is also declared, associated with the essential financial matters of the country. The Gross Domestic Product is a very crucial factor representing the overall economic condition of a country. Basically, GDP is the total value of all goods and services that have been produced by a country over the course of a period of time like annually.

GDP does affect the price movements of the currencies in the foreign exchange market. When the gross domestic product of a country is not up to the expectations of the market, it can be said that the currency values might go down. Similarly, when the GDP of a country is beyond what the market has been expecting, the values of the currency is expected to move upwards.

Th GDP figures are diligently evaluated by the forex traders as it also helps in recognizing or anticipating the future moves of the central banks. GDP is also a very significant economic indicator as it helps in identifying the current situations of the business cycle of a country. The business cycle is kind of a combination of expansion and recession cycles.

During the expansion phase, many sectors of the economy expand or grow together, and in the recession phase, the growth rate of those sectors starts to contract. Thus, GDP is a leading factor is analyzing the foreign exchange market. As a forex trader, you must be aware of it and you must also understand that it is a lagging economic indicator which confirms the things traders are already expecting.

The consumer price index or CPI shows the cost of goods and services and is also recognized cost-of-living index. CPI helps in managing and controlling the rate at which prices of the good or services rise or fall. When there is any sign of a rise in the inflation rate, it means the central banks will have to increase the interest rates. Higher interest rates mean the bullish trend in the market. When inflation stays inside the anticipated levels, it is regarded as a regular figure. Nevertheless, if inflation swerves farther from the target levels for a longer period of time than expected, it can result in a negative outcome for the economy.

CPI is a part of monetary policies, as a result, it can have a higher effect on prices in the forex market. For a majority of forex traders, non-farm payroll or NFP is one of the most crucial indicators in the all the news releases that come out on regular basis like every month. The NFP report is released by Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS on the first Friday of every month.

The BLS also declares the unemployment rate as a component of the Employment Situation Report. The report comprises of the data figures for the new jobs which have been created in the US together with some other labor market information.

The data comprises of all the workers that have been paid, however, the data leave out the government workers, personal households, non-profit establishments, and agricultural industry. The main reason behind why NFP is so important and is followed so industriously is because it has a propensity to bring substantial movements in the forex market. There is a close relation between employment rate and the business cycle.

The changes in NFP or non-farm payrolls is quite similar to the changes in GDP on a quarterly basis. It means that NFP can be utilized as a proxy in place of GDP. The main difference between NFP and GDP report is that NFP is released on a monthly basis and GDP report comes out on a quarterly basis.

In addition, while NFP reports the data of the last month, and GDP reports the delayed information. Apart from the connection between NFP and GDP, NFP report also has the impact on monetary policy of the economy and in which direction the policy will move.

The ADP National Employment Report comprises the economic data concerning the levels of non-farm private employment in the U.

The report is released on monthly basis. ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing, which is also the firm that has been accumulating the employment data and preparing the reports since the year private employment. The ADP report comes out two days before the NFP report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Traders in the forex market look at the ADP report as a preview of the more extensive and elaborated reports that are released by the government.

One of the other reasons for why ADP is such an important indicator for forex traders is because if the employment figures show a continual and strong growth for a period of time, it escalates the inflationary rates and because of that, the Federal Reserve may also increase the interest rates and vice-versa. Even though the meetings of central banks from different economies are very crucial when it comes to economic indicators affecting the forex market price movements, the Federal Open Market Committee of America is also very important and its meetings have taken the center stage as the US Dollar is at the moment most powerful currency in the world.

Every month the FOMC meeting takes place in order to decide on rates and to provide information about present economic conditions, how effective the current monetary policy is, and what are future expectations from economic conditions and monetary policy.

FOMC meetings can have a vast impact on the volatility of the forex market. The Federal Open Markets Committee meetings are conducted eight times every year and the outcomes of these meetings are highly anticipated by the forex traders as these meetings can affect the demand and supply of the currency pairs in case the outcomes is not as expected.

The trade balance is the difference between the value of the imports and exports of the economy of a country. If the value of exports is higher than the value of imports, the balance will be positive. Similarly, if the value of imports is more than the value of exports, the balance will be negative. This gives the hints about how the currency market may behave in future.

The foreign exchange rate between two countries is the most fundamental factor for forex trading in Sri Lanka. As the trade balance of an economy relies greatly on the exchange rates between two countries, the trade balance is a main economic indicator for the foreign exchange market. The trade balance helps the economists and forex traders in evaluating and comparing the economic strength of one country to another. If a country has a large trade deficit i.

large negative trade balance, it would have to borrow the funds from other trading partners in order to buy goods and services. The Trade balance reports can create substantial movements in the forex markets if the data has evidential changes as compared to previous reports.

The proper name for retail sales is Advance Monthly Sales for Retail Trade. However, for forex traders, it is retail sales. The retail sales report is released by the Census Bureau, which is a division in the U. Department of Commerce. This report provides with an early estimation of the value in dollars of sales for the retail sector. Although the sales do not include inflation rate adjustments.

The report also shows the percentage change in the value of sales from the preceding month. If the retail sales figures are growing, it shows that the economy is in good health and as a result, forex market takes up the bullish trend. The usage of the retail sales report in forex trading is clearly understandable as the report offers the very particular data about the industries and products on which customers are spending a large part of their income.

Retail sales report is one of the most valuable economic indicators in the forex market and using this indicator, the forex traders can surmise the price movements in the forex market to some extent. What Emotions Should You Watch For In Yourself While Trading Forex.

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Leave a Comment. Various indicators are used by traders for forex trading in Sri Lanka in order to get some detailed understanding of the supply and demand of currencies. You can learn to analyze the market conditions and anticipate the price movements using elements like charts, patterns, and forex indicators. The main purpose of using these elements is to accomplish the price forecasting.

Using charts and patterns, you can comprehend and process past market data of the forex market and, you can put some efforts into anticipating future price movements. A line chart joins the sequential data points using a line and this chart is utilized by forex traders to keep track of closing prices of the currency.

This chart is one of the most preferred charts used by forex traders and is formed by connecting a few successive closing prices together. In addition, line charts can be utilized for any time-frame. A line chart provides the forex traders with a distinct image of the price movements of a currency over a period of specified time. As the closing prices are considered as the most important price of the trading day, it can be seen why line charts are so often used by traders in the forex market.

Bar charts are the charts that display the movement of prices of a currency over a specified time period. Bar charts are used for technical analysis in order to measure the performance of the currency in the forex market. A bar chart comprises a few elements:. A single bar covers a predetermined time-frame, which is usually one day. Nonetheless, a bar chart can at times also cover the time-frame from one minute to a week or more.

Candlestick is very much like bar chart as it also shows the opening price, high price, low price, and close price for the trading day in the forex market. Usually, the candlestick shows the data for one trading day. The candlestick has a broad body, also referred to as the real body. The real body shows the range of currency prices which lies between the opening and closing price of the currency for a day's trading. When the closing price is lower than the opening price, the real body will be black, and when the closing price is higher than the closing price, the real body will be empty.

There are thousands of traders who trade in the forex market on an everyday basis and it can be difficult to make trading decisions. Chart patterns are one way to identify the future price movements. They focus on the bigger picture and help the traders in recognizing the future price movements. The most favorite chart patterns are reversals and continuations. A reversal pattern shows that the price movement will reverse at the end of the pattern and a continuation pattern shows that the prices will move with the same pattern even after the pattern gets completed.

Given below are some of the most popular chart patterns that are used in the forex market:. The Head and Shoulders is a reversal kind of chart pattern that shows that the price movements might follow a reversal trend once the pattern is finished.

It has two types, standard head and shoulders top pattern and head and shoulder bottom pattern. The top pattern shows that the price movement for a currency pair will move downwards when the pattern is completed at the highest point of an upward trend.

The bottom pattern shows that the price of the currency pair will rise after a downward pattern is completed. The cup and handle pattern can be both, reversal and continuation chart pattern. For reversal pattern to occur, the price must be moving downwards.

As the cup has the rounded bottom, that is where the reversal patterns take place as prices start moving upwards from the bottom of the cup. When a cup pattern is formed, the price should take a pause and move sideways or lower to create a handle. For a continuation pattern, the prices must be moving upwards. The price movement will form a cup shape patterns and creates a handle, and then breaks out of the handle to keep moving upwards.

The Double Tops and Bottoms chart pattern is easy to identify and also one of the most dependable analytical tools in the forex market. A double top is formed when the price reaches a high point in the upward trend and then moves downward to a new low point.

Then again some time in near future price touches a new high point, very close to the previous high point and then falls below the previous low point. It is recognized as double top as the price reaches the high point twice in the same zone, incapable of moving ahead of that zone. A double bottom is formed when the price reaches a low point during the downward trend and then pulls back and starts moving upwards to a high point.

When the price movement once again faces a decline, it touches the low point near to the previous low point, and then move upwards and touches the point higher than the previous high point. It is recognized as double bottom as both times price reached a low point in the same area and was not able to move below that. Triangle chart pattern is one of the most known patterns employed in the technical forex analysis as they appear more frequently as compared to other patterns.

The three regular kinds of triangle patterns are ascending, descending, and symmetrical. The triangle patterns can last from a few weeks to many months. In symmetrical triangles, two market trend lines meet each other and indicate that a breakout may take place. Ascending triangles has a straight upward trend line and a lower trend line which is moving upwards, conveying that a breakout might occur.

In descending triangles, there is a straight lower trend line and an upper trend line which is moving downwards, conveying that a breakdown might occur.

Flags and Pennants are a form of continuation patterns. They show a sharp price movement, upwards or downwards, then there is a short sideways or downside movement and then the prevailing trend continues. This sideways movement usually creates a rectangle form, known as flag pattern, and when it creates a triangle form, it is called a pennant pattern.

Candlesticks patterns are formed when the price movements are represented by a candle body. Candle body It is a solidified area existing between the opening and closing price of the currency, and the wicks display the high and low points. Given below are some of the popular candlestick patterns:.

Bullish engulfing candlestick pattern occurs with the combination of two candlesticks of the current day and the previous day. The candle from the previous day is black candlestick and candle of the current day is the white candlestick. For the previous day, the price opens at an almost highest point and closes at the almost lowest point for the day.

This forms the first candle which is the black candle. For the next or current day, the price opens at price below the closing price of the previous day. It increases the demand for the currency and price begins to move upwards. The day session closes at the price above the high price of the previous day. Bearish Engulfing Pattern occurs with the combination of two candlesticks of previous and current day.

The previous day candle is the white candle and current day candle is the black candle. For the previous day, the price opens at a nearly lowest price of the day and at the end of the day, the price closes at a nearly highest price of the day. It forms the first and white candle. For the next or current day, the price opens at the level above the closing price of the previous day and then the price starts to move downwards.

The price keeps on falling and closes at the price below the closing price of the previous day. This forms the black candle, which engulfs the white candle completely. A hammer candlestick pattern is formed when forex traders turn down the support or resistance levels.

When Hammer pattern is formed, it means that the opening price, highest price, and the closest price are close to each other so that the real body is small in size. It also has a long lower shadow, which is at least twice the size of the real body. Doji candlestick pattern shows the indecision which is felt by the traders when it comes to the price action of a currency.

Here, the opening and closing prices of a currency are almost equal. Doji candlesticks look like a cross or a plus sign. A Doji can be seen at the top and bottom of the market trends and can also be seen as a sign of possible reversal or continuation patterns based on the circumstances. The best way to identify the most suitable forex indicator is to see how it suits your trading style and perspective.

There are a variety of forex indicators and you can find that will be right for you. Some of them are:. A moving average is a popular forex indicator which is used in the technical analysis in smoothing out the price movement action by removing the random price swings from the main action. The two fundamental moving averages are the simple and exponential moving average.

A simple moving average is calculated based on over a definite number of time periods. The Exponential moving average gives more weightage to the recent prices. Usually, moving averages are used to determine the direction of the market trend and identify support and resistance levels. Fractals are indicators that help in recognizing the reversal levels in the market.

Forex traders utilize the fractals to identify the future price direction and movements. Most of the trading platforms with chart features provide fractals so that traders can just use the indicator on the chart to figure out the price patterns.

Bollinger Bands is a forex indicator, formulated by John Bollinger. It is used to determine the level of volatility in the forex market. Basically, when the market is unagitated, the bands will shrink in size and when the market gets noisy, the bands will spread out. RSI stands for Relative Strength Index. It is a momentum forex indicator that determines the speeding and change of the recent price movements so as to study the conditions that might have resulted in overbought or oversold of the currency.

RSI is regarded as overbought when the RSI value is higher than 70 and it is considered as oversold when the RSI value is under These values can be modified based on what fits the security in the best way. You can add these indicators to your chart using the trading software given to you by the Forex Brokers. Prathilaba October 18th, Tags: forex , forex brokers , forex brokers in sri lanka , forex brokers Sri Lanka , forex candlestick patterns , Forex Chart Patterns , Forex Chart Types , Forex Indicators , Forex Trading , forex trading in Lanka , forex trading in sri lanka , forex trading sri lanka.

Before you start forex trading in Sri Lanka , as an investor, you must understand the some of the technical terms that are used in the forex market as you will be encountering those terms while trading in the forex market:.

Pip stands for percentage in point or price interest point. Basically, pip is a standardized unit for the smallest movement that can occur at a price of the pair of currency. Most of the pip values are equivalent to 0. Usually, many forex brokers in Sri Lanka use spreads to figure out their portions of earnings. A spread is one of the easiest ways to pay the transaction cost to the brokers. The main reason behind this is the supply and demand of the currency pair. For example, dollars are high in demand so brokers do not need to charge higher spread from the trader as they would have no problem selling off the dollar currency in the market.

IQ Option open website. Try the App. Hot Forex open website. Pepperstone open website. Axi open website. Full List of Sri Lanka Forex Brokers. How Does Forex Trading Work? Forex trading offers Sri Lankans the opportunity to invest in the world's largest liquid market. It is easy to invest in Forex in Sri Lanka if you have the ability to own your emotional and financial stress levels.

Having knowledge of currency pairs is the first thing that you will need. A pair is a combination of two currencies like a US Dollar and a Euro. It is vital in Sri Lanka to understand the relationship between each pair to understand how the spread, and difference between the two. For both beginner and expert Forex traders in Sri Lanka, the trading software matters more than anything. The core purpose of this software is to analyze all the pre-set parameters of your trading and stock exchange options for you.

The purpose of this evaluation is to help Sri Lankans make enlightened financial decisions based on all the currencies that have the potential to win you back profits. Most importantly, the Forex trading software can work with or without the presence of the Sri Lanka trader. This means that for the busy professionals and students, there is still hope to earn a modest profit while attending both school and work at the same time.

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Benzinga readers love FOREX. com for all their trading needs! Asia is an exotic market for foreign exchange forex investors. The island of Sri Lanka is at the southernmost tip of Asia and has quickly risen to become a tourist destination for globe trotters.

Take a look at why investing in Sri Lankan rupee can boost your earnings in years to come. Sri Lanka has been a central hub for traders and travelers from the East and the West. The earliest known currency in Sri Lanka is metal coins called eldings. These coins were authorized by the king and had a royal stamp. After the Central Bank of Sri Lanka was established in , currency notes were introduced and distributed to the public.

These notes were denominations of 20, 50, , , 1, and 5, Most of these notes depict Sri Lankan dancers. As per the Monetary Law Act No. Notes of Sri Lankan Currency. The Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated by 2. dollar this year. This is caused by an excess of imports and reduced exports from the country.

To support and smooth financial transactions around the world, the Federal Reserve in the U. opened a repurchase agreement facility for foreign central banks including Sri Lanka. Under this facility, central banks temporarily exchange their U. treasury securities held with the Federal Reserve for U. It has helped stabilize global markets by reducing the need for foreign central banks to outright sell their treasury security into illiquid markets.

You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to trade forex. The value of the currency pairs listed on the stock exchanges frequently fluctuate. Having a personal device to constantly track these changes is essential to successful forex trading. There are several forex brokers available online. Review their websites and choose a broker that lets you trade currency pairs with LKR.

Be sure to check the footer of their website for information on the regulatory bodies. You can open a new account with the forex broker on its website. Some forex brokers require a minimum deposit to open an account. These brokers also offer different kinds of accounts based on your financial goals.

Generally, these funding options include bank transfers, wire transfers and debit cards. You need to download the forex trading platform on your computer or smartphone. Take the time to customize the look and feel of the platform and maximize trading opportunities.

Before you start trading forex, you might want to run a few demos using virtual money. These demos can help you get used to the interface of the forex broker without unnecessary losses.

After you feel confident using the platform, you can start trading forex using real money. Forex traders from all over the world rely on a few simple strategies to increase their profits and cut unnecessary losses.

Although these forex trading strategies do not guarantee returns, they are certainly worth considering for better results. Global economic news and events have a strong impact on forex markets. Many traders stay on top of influential financial information to anticipate short-term price movements of forex currency pairs.

You can research inflation rates, trade policies and multinational deals made between countries. News trading needs precision and accuracy on each trade to make a profit. Day trading involves closely monitoring intraday price movements of forex currency pairs within a single trading session. These trades can take place anytime during the day and exit all positions on the same day. Traders have adopted this method to reduce losses from overnight market volatility.

You can consider logging into your account a couple of times over the day to adjust trade positions. Day trading can be very beneficial to short-term traders. Scalping is a strategy that involves making several trades throughout the day with minimal margins. The compounded profits earned from minor price movements can add up to a sizable income.

Rapid price movements during intraday trading sessions can cause slippage on your trading. These tiny losses can quickly negate your earnings and eat away at your profits. This method of trading requires a lot of time and focus to track price movements. Momentum trading or swing trading are mid-term trades that are executed over days. Traders prefer to buy and sell currency pairs during disruptive market swings that occur during the week.

These traders rely on the volatility of the market to make a buck. This method of trading can be less stressful than day trading or scalping. You can adjust your entry and exit positions throughout the week to cut unnecessary losses. You can potentially earn big profits in a short time with forex trading.

That means it will cost you The Sri Lankan rupee can be highly volatile in international markets. Many Sri Lankan traders depend on the volatility to make calculated investments. These broad fluctuations in the price of the forex currency pairs give you plenty of chances to buy low and sell high. Moreover, the Sri Lankan Forex Association SLFA has been actively engaged in promoting and developing the forex trading market since The association has trained over traders to capitalize on the forex market.

The SLFA regularly hosts events to educate forex traders on how to avoid forex scams by following international best practices. Online brokers let you pick and trade forex currency pairs with ease. These platforms are integrated with advanced tools and educational resources to help you make the most of your trades. Take a look at these top forex brokers to begin your investment journey. Claim Exclusive Offers.

CedarFX is not regulated by any major financial agency. The brokerage is owned by Cedar LLC and based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. You should be familiar with a few basic forex terms before you start trading. Millions of forex traders use these terms regularly during intraday trading sessions.

Pip: The smallest unit of price movement is measured in pips. Generally, forex currency pairs are listed up to the 4th decimal point. Lot size: The lot size is the total number of currency pairs that you want to buy or sell; , units are the standard lot size. You can buy and sell currency pairs of smaller lot sizes as well. Orders: An order is a command you execute on the online forex broker to carry out your trade.

When you want to buy forex currency pairs, you execute a buy order. When you want to sell forex currency pairs, you execute a sell order. Calls: The online forex broker sends you instant notifications called calls. The most common call issued by the broker is when you have a forex trade open for a long time and need additional funds to maintain its position.

Check your account constantly for calls to drastically decrease your losses. The prosperous import and export industry along with flourishing tourism in Sri Lanka has made forex trading highly profitable.

Consider diversifying your portfolio with forex to get better returns from your investments. com , registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC , lets you trade a wide range of forex markets plus spot metals with low pricing and fast, quality execution on every trade.

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WebMost importantly, the Forex trading software can work with or without the presence of the Sri Lanka trader. This means that for the busy professionals and students, there is still Web21/3/ · Earn Real Money Without Deposit By Trading sri lanka🔴 stormgain Website link🔴 stormgain Website video WebForex trading from Sri Lanka start trading by investing an average of US$. Table 2 shows the average working hours per day on Forex trading by the investors and it is WebTo start trading Forex in Sri Lanka, you need to open an account on a trading platform that offers Forex CFDs. The options that we have detailed at the beginning are some of Web68 rows · The common goal of forex trading is to profit from these changes in the value WebForex options (also known as currency trading options) are securities that allow currency traders to realize gains without having to place an actual trade in ... read more

FOMC meetings can have a vast impact on the volatility of the forex market. IQ Option: Open Review. If you are good at providing investment advice, then you can offer financial advice online for a premium fee. Exact matches only. ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing, which is also the firm that has been accumulating the employment data and preparing the reports since the year They invest in two ways, short and intermediate term trading, and long-term trading or investing.

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